About Us

We Are a Team Of Professionals, Voluntarily Helping Nonprofits/Communities/People In Need, For More Than One Decade. We Started Global Community Welfare To Continue Our Support In Better Organized Way.

Global Community Welfare Inc. Is Registered 501c3 Non Profit Organization. We Believe Helping People Without Discrimination Of Any Race, Color, Or Religion. We Proudly Spend 100% Donations To Help People/Communities In Need. We Always Ask Our Donors In Regards Where To Spend Their Donations, And Provide Project Details Afterwards. You Might Be Interested Taking Advantage of Our Spiritual Project To Solve Your Spiritual Problems, And To Boost Your Spirituality, Please Click Here For More Details.

Our Goals

  • Channel Efforts Into Meaningful Interventions That Focus On Underprivileged Individuals
  • During Times Of Disaster, Work With Experts In The Field Of Relief And Rehabilitation, Foster A Spirit Of Public – Private Partnership And Avoid Duplication Of Efforts.

Know Founder/President/Chaplain Of Global Community Welfare Inc.

Imam Pir Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sahib


  • Serving Imam/Khateeb in Iqra Masjid, Brooklyn, NY, USA since 2013
  • خرقہ تبرک یافتہ بسلسلہ نقشبندیہ حضرت سید محمد بخاری بغدادشریف
  • سند یافتہ خلیفہ مجاز سلسلہ چشتیہ،سہروردیہ،نقشبندیہ،قادریہ دربار عالیہ محمودیہ تونسہ شریف
  • Khalifa Majaz In Silasila Naqasbandia, Saharwardia, Chistia, & Qadriya of Hazrat Pir Khuwaja Nasar Ul Mehmood Sahib Darbar Alia Mehmoodia,Taunsa Sharif,
  • Served As APO In New York Police Department Since December 2014 – May 2018
  • Serving A/Sergeant In New York Police Department.
  • Serving Licensed Marriage Officiant in New York City, USA
  • Serving Teacher in Iqra Masjid Community and Tradition, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • Experienced Spiritual Guide/Counselor (International)

Imam Ahmed Ali Is 34 Years Old, & Since The Age Of 20 He Is Actively Participating In Community Activities,  He Worked With Various International Nonprofits Organizations & Have Over 10 Years Of Field Project Management Experience. He Has Provided Relief And Rehabilitation Assistance During 2005, & 2008 Earthquake, 2010 & 2011 Floods in Pakistan. Under His Supervision Global Community Welfare Is Actively Moving Towards Success To Help People/Communities In Need.

Imam Pir Syed Ahmed Ali Shah Sahib Is Very Active Within His Community & Provides Free Services Internationally To Public Such As,

  • Spiritual Guidance/Counseling,
  • Educate people with meditation/Zikr/Muraqba to find release from stress, and depression,
  • Future Planning,
  • Magic Treatment,
  • Family Counseling,
  • Funeral Prayers etc.

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Know Our Vice president

Mrs. Syeda Feroze Fatima Bukhari

(Masters in Psychology and English, Principal® FBISE School Cantonment and garrison)

Syeda Feroze Fatima Bukhari, Also Known As Mrs. Bukhari. She Served As Principal In Khariyan Cantt, Taxilla Cantt And Retired From Rawalpindi Cantt. Based On Her Over 35 years of Experience, She Is Perfect Match To Lead & Help Us Deliver High Quality Education To The Socially challenged.

Mrs. Bukhari Is Monitoring The Education Sector Of Kids, Adults And Prisoners. She Is Mother Of Imam Ahmed Ali, His Spiritual Role Model, Teacher, Counselor And Supporter Of Imams Sahibs All Ongoing Helping Activities.

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Donors Can Donate To Help Global Community Welfare Inc. To Help People/Communities In Need. GCW Has 100% Donation Policy, Which Means Your 100% Donation Will Be Consumed Helping People/Communities In Need. GCW Is Registered 501c3 Organization in New York, USA

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